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We specialize in tours which encourage visitors to go off the beaten track, out of the guide books, and to take a dive into the beauty of nature. Get up close and personal with nature and the great outdoors with once in a lifetime experiences that will take your breath away.

Agricultural Tourism

Explore modern agriculture, and meet the farmers, companies and agricultural organizations which make our country one of the leading visionaries in the industry, world-wide. Custom-built courses and tours for beginners to professionals alike.

Cultivate your Tour

Incentive Tourism

Employee satisfaction is more important than ever before. We offer global solutions for team building, incentivizing, and boosting team morale at companies which range from small start-ups to large international organizations.


Innovation and High Tech

Experience true innovation, including visits to key companies at the cutting edge of technology. Our tours offer content suited to diverse global innovators, from developing to developed countries, or anywhere in between.



Learn from the best in the business Our tours are aimed at businessmen and personal security companies, including Krav Maga and other martial art schools, Police academies, and Homeland Security. We’ve got your back.


Gastronomy and Wine

A foodies dream. Go right to the source, discovering the freshest gastronomical delights. A sensuous delight for anyone with a hearty appetite- the unique flavors and tastes of the world are ready to be sampled.

Taste The Difference

Environment and Renewable Energy

Try a professional custom-made group tour with visits to Research Centers, Power Plants and more. Discover how energy is recycled, and learn about the different aspects of sustainability and renewable energy.

Renew Your Spirit

Cultural Tourism in Europe

Discover the culture of Europe, from museums and galleries, to exhibitions and historical treasures. Go back in history and broaden your knowledge with a rich and enlightening experience built just for you.

Dive deep into culture

cyber time

Cyber defense tours don’t come more end to end than this. Brainstorm real-life cyber-crime scenarios with the experts, and be connected with governmental and commercial cyber defense solutions which are best in class.

Pioneer this technology

From education to innovation

Inspiring thinkers and educators can challenge your group to view the global education system with new eyes. Lectures are based around hot topics for making a real difference to students in the 21st century.

Enhance your knowledge