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veredhasharon.com is operated by Vered Hasharon travel and tours. The site offers a variety of tourism services and products including, hotels, car rentals, transfers, daily tours, guaranteed departure tours, variety of itineraries, etc.

The Services offered in Vered Hasharon site are offered by Vered Hasharon Travel & Tours Ltd. The Services offered in Veredhasharon.com may be provided by Vered Hasharon and/or other various third party providers and distributors.


The use of Veredhasharon.com is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated hereunder (Terms and Conditions). The Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between Vered Hasharon and the user of Veredhasharon.com.

The user is requested to read carefully the Terms and Conditions as they determine his rights and obligations. Using Veredhasharon.com constitutes a definite and irrevocable acceptance on the part of the user to all the Terms and Conditions, and the user and/or anyone on his behalf shall not have any claim and /or demand, whether direct or indirect, against Vered Hasharon and/or its owners and/or anyone acting on their behalf, except as provided here within.

Vered Hasharon reserves the right to change and/or modify, at any time and at its sole discretion, the Terms and Conditions, the scope and availability of the offered Services and products at Veredhasharon.com and any other aspect connected and/or related to Veredhasharon.com. Each change and/or modification shall take effect from the time of its inclusion in Veredhasharon.com. The binding Terms and Conditions of each reservation made by the user shall be the Terms and Conditions appearing at Veredhasharon.com site at the time of the reservation. A user who does not agree with any part of the Terms and Conditions must not use Veredhasharon.com.

The Terms and Conditions refer to both males and females genders and the linguistic use of the male gender is for convenience only.

Information Security and Privacy

The personal details that the user submits while making a reservation including the details of his purchase(s) shall be retained by Vered Hasharon, for its data base. Vered Hasharon shall not transfer this information to any third party, except to its service providers and only for completing the reservation.

Vered Hasharon dedicates resources and takes measures to prevent others from entering Veredhasharon.com and infringing upon the privacy of the Veredhasharon.com users. Yet, it is impossible to prevent totally others from entering the site and obtaining the information contained within, without Vered Hasharon knowledge and authorization. Therefore, the user hereby declares that he shall not have any claims and/or demands, of whatever sort, against Vered Hasharon and or anyone acting on its behalf arising from such unauthorized use of the information if shall regretfully occur.