Faith Based Tours

We understand that as pilgrims, you have waited a lifetime to visit the places which have touched your heart from afar. As an outsider looking in, mountains, valleys and old cities may look the same, an ever-present constant in the landscape of the Holy Land. And yet, when we build your personal, hand-crafted tour, we see how each traveler experiences them anew. You bring your own culture, beliefs and background on your journey, and each time, you come out having experienced something entirely unique and unforgettable. We respect the spirituality of those feelings, meeting your needs with care and respect.

Vered Hasharon Israel

Since 1965 we have been creating experiences for tourists visiting Israel. Explore the sights and sounds of both the modern and the historic places in the Holy Land. Uncover the beauty and wonder behind biblical locations, and explore the country in its entirety, from the North to the South.


Vered Travel Europe

Europe is full of holy sites and incredible spiritual history. We have 15 years of experience across the continent, with seven unique locations. We can tailor-make religious tours for any experience level, keeping the emphasis on authenticity and the personal touch.

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