Our Team

Our dedicated staff have years of experience in the tourism industry. Together, we’ve built a community dedicated to both travel and the traveler, working tirelessly to create once in a lifetime experiences that will exceed your wildest expectations.


With an unparalleled background in tourism and travel, our staff are focused on creating unforgettable experiences for each and every traveler. Find out more about our roots, and the unique people who make up Vered Hasharon below.


danny amir

Managing Director International Network

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mushi vered

President & C.E.O – International

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mike amir

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future generation

dana amir

Head of Innovative Business Development

naama vered

Sales and Product Development  


Diego Duquelsky

Manager - Latin Department - Spanish

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Perla S. Levy

Manager - Latin Department - Portuguese

Yochi Shimshi

Manager - Europe Department

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Sveta Kutin

Manager - Europe Department

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daniele waknine-freche

Manager - African Department

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eti feinstein

Chief Financial Officer

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ronel smith

General Manager - VS Travel and Tours South Africa

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fred liang

Chinese Division Manager - China Office

jack peretz

Manager - Global Inbound and special events Division

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Naama Vered

Manager - North America & Oceania

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jonathan haiat

General Manager - Vered Travel and Tours Europe

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Global Sales Team

Joshua Sinkeet

Marketing Coordinator East Africa

Eugenia C. Kufakowadya

Manager – Southern Africa Marketing office

Feh de Guzman

Regional Manager - South East Asia

Marcela Flores Ventura 

Sales Manager Mexico

Jessica Pineda

Sales Manager Colombia

Arto Bettencourt

Sales Manager Brazil

Ms. Huong Nguyen

Vietnam Representative

Ms. Amy Nassanan Punrungroj

Thailand Representative