FITUR 2024

FITUR 2024 – 24 to 28 January 2024 – Madrid

Vered Hasharon Travel Group is excited to announce its participation in FITUR 2024 Madrid, where we will showcase an array of enticing travel experiences spanning Europe, South Africa, and our exclusive VHS & Beyond offerings.

As a participant in FITUR 2024, Vered Hasharon Travel Group is eager to connect with travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, and partners, inviting them to explore the world through our expertly crafted and unforgettable itineraries.


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South Africa

Our South Africa office – VS Travel and Tours’ South Africa office organizes seamless group tours in the region, offering meticulously crafted, tailor-made experiences. Our professional team ensures every detail is taken care of, providing a personalized and hassle-free journey. Explore captivating destinations and immerse yourself in unique cultural encounters with our dedicated experts as we strive to exceed your travel expectations.


Our Europe office, with meticulous attention, ensures every tour seamlessly blends discovery and comfort, unveiling diverse beauty from historic streets to picturesque countryside. Collaborating closely, we tailor each group tour to unique preferences, promising memorable experiences exploring landmarks, savoring cuisines, and indulging in cultural moments. Beyond crafting itineraries, our commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service guarantees a seamless and enriching adventure.



VHS & Beyond – Go Beyond the Obvious 

Embark on authentic adventures through Europe, Asia, and Africa. Explore hidden European villages, immerse in Asian traditions amid bustling markets, and discover Africa’s untamed wilderness with awe-inspiring safaris. These off-the-beaten-track experiences promise indelible memories and genuine encounters, enriching your travel narrative.


Come and see us at Pavilion P04 – Stand 4C03

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